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Includes 3-way Pan Head with Quick Release Plate

Recommended Use

Landscape Family Compact
  - Landscape/Zooming
  - Family use
  - Compact & Robust

Tripod with ease of use
This portable tripod folds down to 49cm. The EX-540 will support a maximum of 4kg. The camera plate turns 90° to the right for shooting in portrait mode. A QB-46 quick-release plate is included. The diameter of the tripod legs is 23mm.

Suggested loading weight
Max. Height
Folded Size
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Main Features

-2-Way Head(230/330/Mini) or 3-Way Head.
-Light weight, Slim 3-section legs (Mini / 2-section legs ).
-Lift Elevator.
-Speedy leg locking system.
-Radial braces for secure set-up.
-Leg Foot Rubber for steadiness on variety of ground conditions.
-Tripod carrying case is included.

Camera Plate

On EX 430 and higher model, the camera plate turns to the right instead of left. This leaves left hand free to adjust tripod and camera controls while taking images in portrait mode. Importantly when using telephoto lenses the camera remains securely attached to plate due to effect of gravity tightening the screw connection.