Velbon History

Velbon History

Velbon expects 65 years anniversary and on this opportunity, let us look back on our company history together here.

  • 2019
    Smart phone products

    Launched newly invention of Smart phone products, which applied BlueTooth Technology with partners.

  • 2018
    Myanmar Factory

    Launched brand new Factory in Thilawa, Special Economic. Zone in Myanmar.

  • 2012
    UT 43D “Gear of the Year 2012”

    UT 43D won the “GEAR OF THE YEAR 2012” in U.K.

  • UT 43Q as a best Tripod by “Digi CAPA”

    UT 43Q was chosen as a best Tripod by “Digi CAPA”, issued in Japan on the field of “Compact Tripod”.

  • 2011
    VS-443D acquired Best Award

    VS-443D acquired the Best Award of “Editors’ Choice.” in U.S.A.

  • Ultra Rexi L(A) is chosen as “Best Tripod

    Ultra Rexi L(A) is chosen as “Best Tripod” by the “Digital Photo TESTSIEGER” in Germany.

  • 2009
    Mar.2009:Launched GEO series into markets.
  • 2006
    Received the title of Famous Brand

    Received the title of famous brand from Guanduang local government.

  • 2005
    Launched FHD-51Q

    Launched FHD-51Q which is dubbed “True Fluid Head” into markets to aim at Birders.

  • Established a joint corporation with Haozhan

    Established a joint corporation with Haozhan in Zhongshan city as a Second factory.

  • Mar.2005:Celebrated 50th Anniversary of Velbon.
  • 2004
    Became a formal OEM-Partner

    Became a formal OEM-Partner of a big general electric manufacturer and announced environment-friendly policy. The company name was changed to “Velbon Corporation”.

  • 2003
    Launched ULTRA MAXi F & ULTRA LUXi F

    Launched ULTRA MAXi F and ULTRA LUXi F into markets. These new ULTRA series are capable of functioning at low-angles.

  • Launched El Carmange

    Jul. 2003
    Launched El Carmange into Japanese market which has been enjoying good reputations because of handy flip-lock system.

  • Launched ULTRA MAXi

    Launched ULTRA MAXi into markets. Direct Contact Pipe System (PAT. No.6761501),   Trunnion Shaft System, 4-Way Panhead(Patent No.6644871), Compact Storage (Patent No.6712322) Unbelievable Extension Ratio of 4.4:1.  Only Velbon could achieve such an amazing performance!

  • 2002
    Introduced ULTRA MAXi

    Introduced ULTRA MAXi which adopts state-of-the-art Direct-Contact-Pipe system, for 5-section legs at Photokina. Its folded length of 35cm, can be extended to an amazing height, 155 cm.

  • Launched MAXi347GB

    Launched MAXi347GB which boasts of Trunnion Shaft System into markets. Its panhead(PHD-31Q) is uniquely designed as 4-way which provides photographers with optimum shooting conditions with strobe lights.

  • New Office Building in Tokyo

    Jan. 2002
    Built an office building at Nogata and moved Headquarters from Shinjuku to that building.

  • 2001
    Launched Neo Carmange 830 & 840

    Nov. 2001
    Launched Neo Carmange 830 & 840 which adopts Inner-Jut-Pipe System(Patent No.6830227) and magnesium-made PH-285 into markets. Inner-Jut-System prevents carbon legs from unwanted turning when locking or loosening. Inner-Jut-Pipe System is patented.

  • Launched MAXi343E

    Apr. 2001
    Launched MAXi343E which boasts of Trunnion Shaft Systems into markets.

  • 2000
    Introduced Trunnion Shaft System

    Introduced Trunnion Shaft System(Patent No.6536723) at Photokina 2000 and presented a MAXi-343E to Mr. Herbert Keppler, Vice President and Chief  Editor of Popular Photography Magazine, which received significant attention worldwide.

  • 1998
    Launched numbers of magnesium-made accessories

    Launched numbers of magnesium-made accessories continuously and enjoyed good reputations in markets. Owning to these results, we reached the stage which other tripod-manufacturers have been unable to.

  • Feb.1998
    Delegated sales rights of USA to HAKUKBA USA INC. and liquidated “Velbon International Corporation”.

  • 1997
    Launched magnesium-panhead

    Launched magnesium-panhead, which changed the concept of conventional tripod by realization of extremely light-weight tripods, using the combination of magnesium-panhead and carbon-fibre tripod.

  • 1996
    Introduced 3-D CAD systems into R&D dept.

    Introduced 3-dimension CAD systems into R&D dept. in order to reinforce development of products. The systems enable us to design in various/detailed ways  with expedition and intensity.

  • Launched QRA-635 made from magnesium

    Launched QRA-635(Quick Shoe) made from magnesium, which has been enjoying a big success.

  • Launched ultra-light weight Carmagne640

    Launched ultra-light weight Carmagne640, which is made of carbon fibre and magnesium, and  revolutionized tripod industry in terms of material.

  • 1995
    Launched Mountain Chaser with S.R.C. method

    Launched Mountain Chaser with S.R.C. method, which divides a gear-elevatior into two sections for the first time in the world and has been enjoying bursting popularity. S.R.C. method is patented.

  • 1994
    Increased the capital by US$250,000

    Increased the capital by US$250,000, which made the total capital of US$1.29 million.

  • United two Taiwan factories

    United two Taiwan factories into “Shun Ma Sheng Enterprises Co., Ltd.”

  • 1991
    Established “Velbon Zhongshan Co., Ltd.

    Established “Velbon Zhongshan Co., Ltd.”at Industry Zone in Zhongshan City Guangdong,  China.

  • Aug.1991
    Introduced CAD Systems into R&D dept. for higher efficiency.

  • 1987
    Introduced Mark-7 for professional camera users

    Introduced Mark-7 for professional camera users and started enjoying good reputation from commercial photographers.  Established the third factory in Taiwan, Shun Ma Sheng Enterprise Co., Ltd in Pington Prefecture.

  • 1985
    Koichiro(Ken)Nakatani was appointed as President

    Koichiro(Ken)Nakatani was appointed as President of Velbon Tripod Co., Ltd. And its capital was increased to \12 millions.

  • 1984
    Established another factory inside Nantsu

    Established another factory inside Nantsu Export Processing Zone in Taiwan in order to cope with increasing demand.

  • 1981

    Established a factory inside Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone in Taiwan.

  • 1974
    Established “Velbon Trading Co., Ltd”

    Established “Velbon Trading Co., Ltd” for concentrating on domestic sales in Japan.

  • Feb.1974
    Established Velbon International Corporation in  a suburb of Los Angeles, USA, as a manufacturing facility, which functioned as sales office for USA market.

  • 1971
    Company name changed to “Velbon Tripod Co., Ltd.”
  • 1970

    Had a Velbon booth at Photokina 1970 for the first time and tried to enlarge overseas markets.

  • Established a factory in Yamanashi prefecture

    Established a factory in Yamanashi prefecture. This facility had die-cast machines, paint-booths and other machines which were necessary for manufacturing tripods.

  • 1969

    Built Velbon-building at the site of Nogata factory and started domestic sales in Japan.

  • 1966

    Established a factory in Kodaira City, a suburb of Tokyo.

  • 1958

    Established a factory in a suburb of Tokyo, Nogata factory.

  • Apr.1958
    The trademark was registered as Velbon. Started selling photographic tripods, patented VS-3 Which received worldwide attention.

  • 1957

    The company name was changed to “Misuboshi photographic Industry Co., Ltd.”

  • 1955
    Established “Mitsuboshi Co., Ltd.”

    Mr.Koma Nakatani founded it as “Mitsuboshi Co., Ltd.” With capital of \1.5 million.